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Alaska Moose hunting

Information about moose hunting in Alaska including hunting techniques, calling, judging bull moose,

hunt prices, outfitter operations, gear lists and more.

Our moose hunts begin with a bush plane flight into a remote area of Alaska . The moose hunting season is in September when the moose are moving into their fall grounds and getting into the rut.  By observing seasonal migrations year after year one is able to predict Moose behavior and movement to a great degree.  Terrain features such as ridges and ponds sometimes create natural “funnels” where traveling moose will be concentrated. Known areas with ideal browse, water and seclusion draw large bulls and their harems each year.

Moose are very vocal and use grunts, moans and brush-raking combined with their exceptional hearing to locate one another from great distances. They respond well to calling and can be called from miles away. A bull moose's antlers and ears act as a parabolic microphone.  Sound waves are bounced off the large dished palms of the antlers and directed into the ears.

Different calling techniques are effective at different times during the rut.  Early in the rut and during the pre-rut bulls often pair up and form small bachelor groups.  As the rut progresses they start seeking cows and become more combative.  The biggest bulls will collect and defend multiple cows and will then become less responsive to calling.  However, big bulls with cows can be approached and effectively hunted as long as you “speak the language”.

This type of hunting often results in close encounters. Calling moose in the right conditions can bring them in right on top of you.  Though big older bulls tend to be more reserved when coming to calls, some can get downright belligerent.

  Expect to hunt mostly on foot as the areas we hunt for moose are inaccessible by other modes of transportation and have restrictions preventing the use of motorized ATV’s or boats. These remote "controlled use areas” are home to some of the healthiest moose populations in Alaska. Though most are backpack hunts, we also use rafts to conduct float trips as well as hunt from comfortable base camps.

Anatomy of a Moose Rack
moose hunt -judging moose racks - anatomy of moose antlers

Click for more information on judging trophy bull moose, moose antler terminology, harvest requirements

We use a combination of techniques including both spot-and-stalk and calling. We often use spike camps where elevation and terrain provide good visibility of the surrounding area. From these places you will hear their nightly mating carrying-ons, and be able to spot moose from your sleeping bag when you awake in the morning. On a typical day of glassing it is not uncommon to see a dozen or more moose.  Hunters often pass on one or more mature bulls before harvesting a trophy moose. Although antler spread is the most common measure of size, it is only one of many factors to be considered. 

Moose hunted in Alaska
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     It is not necessary to buy lots of new expensive gear for your moose hunting trip to Alaska. However, it doesn’t pay to scrimp on some things. A few pairs of good socks might add more to the enjoyment of your hunt than a new rifle. I would prefer to see someone come with their trusty 30/06 that he has carried for many seasons rather than a brand new .338 that he is not familiar with. Other items that deserve consideration include boots, sleeping bag, and raingear. Check out the Alaska Hunting Gear and Equipment List for a complete list of what gear to bring on your moose hunt.

The most important thing you can do to increase your enjoyment and improve your chances of success is to be as physically fit as possible. However, we can accommodate most people with physical problems. Please give us a good assessment of your physical abilities and handicaps or medical problems, if any so that we can plan your trip accordingly. 

The price of a fully outfitted, 10 day guided moose hunt is $15,700.

Max Schwab is an Alaskan Master guide with 35 years experience guiding and outfitting in Alaska . Our moose hunts are fully outfitted and guided with one guide per client (1X1), who will be with you for the duration of your hunt. We take pride in delivering the highest quality hunt possible. 

For available bookings, questions about our operation, or to request a reference list please Contact Max Schwab.


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