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Bear hunting in Alaska

Information on Bears, Bear hunting techniques, hunt prices, gear lists, outfitter operations, bear hunting photos and more.

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We hunt Brown/Grizzly Bear in both spring and late fall. We start hunting bears in April when there is still snow on the ground and the bears are just coming out of their winter dens. At this time of year the deep snow makes it easier to spot and track them. This is also a good time to find the big males. We offer bear hunts through mid June. By then the snow has melted and the majority of bears are on the move looking for a mate. In the fall we hunt along the salmon spawning streams where bears concentrate to feed, or on the open tundra where they can be spotted from long distances.

Alaska has an estimated population of about 100,000 bears. Adult male brown bears or boars can weigh over 1200 pounds and live to be 20 years or older. Interior bears having limited or no access to salmon as a food source are considered Grizzly bears. Color phases of brown and grizzly bear vary, and can include brown, silver or mountain grizzly, black, blonde, and chocolate. The cost of a fully outfitted, 10 day guided bear hunt is $15,700.

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