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Dear Fellow Adventurer!

Thank you for your interest in our guided big game hunts. Please note our name is changing to Alaska Adventure Outfitters, LLC. We're based in Talkeetna, Alaska, which is about 100 miles north of Anchorage and near Denali National Park.

I am a licensed Master Guide with over 30 years experience as a hunting guide and outfitter in Alaska. I keep my operation small with a very limited number of clients each year to ensure the best in adventure and success, minimize impact, and retain a personal relationship with everyone.

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Alaska Hunting Video

Alaska Hunting Video
We operate mainly in the Alaska Range and Talkeetna Mountains. There are healthy populations of Dall Sheep, Moose and Bear. The weather is variable with temperatures ranging from 15 to 65 degrees. Most people fly to Anchorage or Fairbanks to start their hunt. Upon your arrival plan to spend one night in a hotel before your hunt begins. This allows you to rest and take care of any last minute preparations. We will help you arrange transportation from there to your staging point which will be in Talkeetna or Healy. Once there we will take care of final preparations before flying to your camp on the first day of your hunt.

Alaska hunting - bush plane

Getting to camp usually involves a bush plane flight. You’ll be in Alaska’s big unspoiled wilderness, with few signs of people, fantastic scenery and game.

Sheep Hunting

Dall Sheep hunts occur in August and September. These animals live in some spectacular country and we always see plenty of them along with other wildlife. On some guided sheep hunts we may overnight at satellite spike camps between stays at a base camp. Find more information on Dall Sheep Hunting

Dall Sheep Hunting
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Moose Hunting

Alaska Moose hunting occurs in September. We normally use spike camps located near timberline. We often spot and stalk moose from a hillside that offers the best vantage point. Calling bulls works well also. On some combination Sheep/Moose hunts we may use rafting float trips to travel from sheep country into prime moose hunting areas. Find additional info on Alaska moose hunting.

Outfitters Hunting Wall tent in Alaskan Outfitter's Hunting Camp
Base camps are comfortable and typically equipped with wall tents, wood stoves, gas cook stoves and lights, cots, food, cooking equipment, etc. Remote cabins are used on some hunts. Hunting will be challenging and strenuous. Once we reach camp we hunt mostly on foot and may bivy or use minimal spike-camps while pursuing big game.

I like to help my clients gain a greater appreciation of all aspects of the hunt, the game animals and the beauty of their surroundings.

Bear Hunting

We hunt for Brown/Grizzly Bear in both spring and late fall. Bear hunting starts around April 1 when there is still snow on the ground and the bears are just coming out of their winter dens. At this time of year the deep snow makes it easier to spot and track them. This is also a good time to find the big males. We offer bear hunts through mid June. By then the snow has melted and the majority of bears are on the move looking for a mate. In the fall we hunt along the salmon spawning streams where bears concentrate to feed, or on the open tundra where they can be spotted from a long distances. Black Bear are common and we hunt them in May, early June, August, and September. Find more information on the Bear Hunting page.

Caribou hunting is by drawing permit for non-residents. It is possible on some combination hunts. Call or write for details.

Our hunts are guided by experienced licensed guides, who will be with you for your entire hunt. We have good healthy populations of all of the above mentioned species, and we get consistently good trophies every year. I obey the game laws and I stick to the principles of Sportsmanship and Fair Chase.

Max Schwab - Alaskan Guide

About the Outfitter

I’ve been roaming the wild places of Alaska by foot, snowshoe, boat, airplane, skis and raft since 1978. I’ve spent many seasons guiding and outfitting from southeast Alaska to the Brooks Range. I am a full time commercial pilot with over 7,000 hours of Alaska flying time. I maintain a fleet of three bushplanes equipped with wheels, skis or floats to cover a wide variety of transportation needs. I operate under FAA Part 135 (air charter) regulations. I operate and maintain my planes to better than FAA standards.

I owe my success to the guides I work with. They are the best to be found anywhere. Their love of Alaska's wildlife, and the country in which it lives, is reflected by their choice of where and how they live. It keeps them in intimate contact with Alaska's natural environment year round. As soon as you start to get to know them,  their enthusiasm, joy of the hunt, superior woodsmanship and expert knowledge of all things related to your quarry will soon become apparent.

We take great pride in our work. We strive to provide the highest quality in all facets of the hunt. One facet is to show respect for our quarry. I believe a focus on size and success statistics impedes the respect we give and distracts us from appreciating the true essence of the hunt, and so I don't give out such numbers. You will see few photos of animals we've killed for the same reason. Most, but not all, go home with fine trophies of the kind we all hope to encounter. This is real hunting, there are no guarantees.

To check available bookings, request a client reference list, or to discuss a hunt, please contact Max Schwab.

Please explore this website to find out more about our outfitter operation and guided hunts.

For hunting gear lists, including equipment for moose, bear and sheep hunts see the Hunting Gear page.

Clients can view and download pictures from their Alaskan hunt on the Hunting Pictures page.

Find links to other Alaska hunting guides and outfitters on the Alaska Hunting Guides and Outfitters Directory

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